1 Months ago
How can i train my players to reach their potential faster? Is there any other way except the basic training?


13 days ago
Mostly player's are promoted from Youth academy to early and this kills taleni , but it's a good way to make money if you want to sell but if you want the player to how well leave the player for 3 seasons in the acai promote him when he's 21/22 years or even 23 you will find that his rating is 78 potential 85 this saves you slot of time and job trying to train a player , that's why there is a youth academy

Atomic Rancher

6 days ago
Thank you for your reply! I promote players late, 23 or 24, but even then, they lag behind their β€œprogression” despite playing them in every league game until they are tired and training every day. Am I missing something?