Hi english talking community,

It's not new, and I think a lot of french talking players know that. But i gonna share this info with you.

In the VFstore, all things have to be paid except 3 jerseys that are free.

In VF original's / Events (link) :
- Sidaction (against AIDS / HIV)
- Pink October (against breast cancer)
And the 3rd one is Je suis Charlie (link).

The button is the same for all items in VFstore, and it's written "BUY" on the button, but you can click it and you will see that the price for those 3 jerseys is 0 stars, so they are free.

PS : I know that there is an old bug and you can't access to the VFstore via the appli, you are obliged to be connected with a computer.

PS2 : I'm not responsible of the VFstore, i'm a simple player like you ...
Please don't ask me for other items for free, i only share an old info with you because i think that those free items are a bit "hidden".


Thanks very much I which I can get access to the store via application

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Emmanuel Kollie

How can I obtain a star inorder to do my transaction in the vfstore?

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