The different types of matches
Friendly Matches
You can schedule friendly matches against other teams.
To do this, go to the Organize a Friend screen, a list of match proposals appears.
You can also create a friendly match request and set the date, time and place.

Inter-Agreement Matches
For a presentation of the agreements, go to the "Agreements" page of the manual.
You can also play Inter-Agreement matches if you are part of an agreement.

Championship Games
They are scheduled on your calendar as soon as you participate in a championship.
To do this, go to the championship screen.

It should be noted that the team that finishes first in its pool is guaranteed to move up to the top division while teams #7 and #8 move down.
In case of additional space available in a higher step, some teams that have not finished #1 may climb according to their iud club to fill these steps.

In the event of a tie in points between several teams at the end of the league matches, the following criteria shall be applied in the order indicated:

1/ Most points obtained;
2/ Best goal difference after all league matches;
3/ The highest number of goals scored in all league matches;
4/ The oldest club

Cup Matches
The last way to play games is to participate in a cup. They can be official (League Cups / Champions League) or created by managers or agreements.

All games earn XPs for your players. The number of XP (experience points) earned in a match depends on the time played, the player's potential and his activity on the field...
They are used by players to train in individual training (See "Training").

Income from your games
Ticketing revenues are donated to your club when you play a game.
Some teams may also receive TV rights.

Point of order

Any voluntary forfeiture or defeat is prohibited.

You are invited to read thefull match rules.