List of transfers and loans
You can put a player on the transfer list or the loan list. Once on this list, any club can acquire your player at the price you define.

Free players
Free players do not have a contract with a club. They can be directly recruited. The new managers are encouraged to recruit these players in priority.

Agent fees

For any transfer, agent deduct a percentage of the selling price at the seller. There are two type of agent fees:

Fixed agent fees:

The agent fees are applied for every transaction and equal 10% of the selling price

Agent fees in case of realised gain:

These agent fees are applied when a player is sold less than 49 days after its acquisition. These fees are added with fixed agent fees. Agents deduct 40% of any realised gain superior than 20% compared with the buying price.


A player A is bougth Day 1 for 10M. He is then sold Day 25 for 30M.

Fix agent fees: 10% of 30M ==> 3M
Agent fees in case of realised gain :

Realised gain of 20% = realised gain of 2M (20% of 10M).
Total realised gain is 20M (30M-10M).

Since the player has been sold less than 49 days after its acquisition and that the realised gain exceeds 20%, these agent fees are applied.

==> Agent fees in case of realised gain: 40% of 20M-2M = 40% of 18M ==> 7.2M.
Total agent fees for the example: 7.2 + 3 = 10.2M

Placing a player on the auction list will allow other clubs to bid to acquire that player for as long as you choose. At the end of this one, the player leaves for the last club that outbid.

Loan players
View the players you have on loan in your club ("borrowed players"), or those you have loaned ("loaned players").

Point of settlement
- Two clubs connected to Virtuafoot from the same IP address are prohibited from making transfers or loans.
- It is prohibited to use the Transfers module to transfer funds between two clubs.
- It is forbidden to use the Transfers module for the sole purpose of treating a player in the infirmary of another club.