Hello guys this game is wonderful to play very good qualities that other games don't offer but the longer you stay on the game you see that nothing new is coming up like maybe a world cup or a tournament of some sort or mangers being appointed to coach the country in the Copa America or Nations league and the mangers from that country vote weather the coach should stay and coach their country or thy need a replacement , real Life spectator, see which manger came to check on your game & maybe a comment box on the side , the for club games , it's so boring having playing league games season in session out & all you have to do to become the best is beat your hole division , bring some suprises create UEFA champions League, Europa League where you don't know who you gonna face in the tournament you meet new managers we are getting bord playing against mangers who aren't online & incompetent teams ,
Iam asking for an UPDATE ON THE GAME at least before 2023 let's start a new year with new features

Luiz Scolari85

That's true an update is needed indeed


I really support this idea , there should be more competitions available


I agree with this it has to be updated.Btw it has already UCL and UEL


Rafa : I agree with this it has to be updated.Btw it has already UCL and UEL
How about it creates a continental cup from every continent coz nou it's only Europe , in Africa there is CAF no UEFA


Best solution