The Regulations
Transfers between clubs with the same IP are prohibited, as are multi-accounts.
It is prohibited to control several accounts from the same IP address.
This site is hosted in France, you must comply with French laws in addition to those of Virtuafoot.
Any failure to comply with these rules will result in fines in the game or even the deletion of your account.
No one registered on Virtuafoot is supposed to ignore these rules.
The webmaster reserves the right to make any changes to Virtuafoot without notice.

Administrators generally punish violators with a fine, a change of nickname or a deletion of an account.

The Minichat
Capital letters are prohibited because they reflect a certain irritation:
If there is a recurrence despite the remarks, sanctions may be imposed (fines).
Links to email addresses, gaming sites and any other Internet address without the consent of the administrators of this site are prohibited.
Flooding is prohibited and sanctioned.

Copy a link from the app

An administrator can ask you a specific internet link (link of a match, club or player for instance). To do so, you just have to go to the webpage in question and click on the "Sharing" icon on the right menu (surrounded in red in the next picture). You can then paste the link to the administrator or for personal purpose.

Transfers / loans between even IPs are prohibited and very heavily sanctioned (account blocking).
Be careful, if you connect to a friend's house, VF keeps track of the connection. It is therefore possible that you are suspected of having multiple accounts and are the victim of a temporary or permanent blockage.

Miscellaneous transactions
Any form of transaction between clubs not provided for by the game is prohibited (e.g. sale of agreement, loans disguised as transfers, etc...)

Voluntary packages are totally prohibited.

Private Messages (MP)
The following are sanctioned:
- harassment
- provocation
- blackmail
- insults
- any other behaviour deemed harmful by the game administrators.

Password problems and other account theft
You are solely responsible for your account.

These rules can be updated according to the evolution of the game and infractions, or omissions.