An Union is an association of clubs that have decided to join forces.

How is an union managed?
It is managed by three people:
The President: This is the highest ranking club. It is usually the creator of the union. It may appoint the other managers of the union.
The Treasurer: his role is to manage the finances of the union. He can use the union fund to help one of the clubs in the union.
The selector: the union may have a selection. It is made up by the breeder. The selection is a team composed of the best players from the clubs in the cartel. This selection may participate in Inter-Selection matches.

The selections
The unions have the possibility to create a selection of their best players in order to compete against the other unions in Inter-Selection matches. The President will have to appoint the union selector for this purpose.

The breeder has a management panel at his disposal, such as that of the president and treasurer.
He can create his list of selected players from this panel. Clubs that are members of an union are required to transfer their players to the selection if necessary.

Once the coach validates his list of players, they are "loaned" to the coach's club for a period of 12 hours. During this period, the player is for the exclusive use of the selection. A player on loan is not selectable. The coach may not convene a selection only to play an Inter-Selection match and for any other type of match. The coach can only select his players if the IS match is already scheduled (this is done via the Friendly module) and if it starts in less than 10 hours. The maximum number of IS games per season is 6.

Rules for Inter-union and Inter-Selection matches

Coaches must select at least 7 players during an Inter-Selection match and may not put more than 3 players from the same club on the field.


An union can give 20M per week per club. However, 20% of the amount given by the union to a manager is deducted as a tax.