It is made up of several employees who take care of different tasks in your club.
We will therefore describe their roles from the most important to the most "optional".

The coach
Essential, its goal is to allow players to progress more quickly.

The physiotherapist
It allows you to heal injured players in the infirmary.
The higher his competence, the shorter the time of injury will be on the competence model x level of the infirmary x random factor = number of hours saved.

The junior recruiter
This employee is responsible for recruiting young players from the training centre. The higher his competence, the higher the probability of having young prodigies.

The marketing manager
Essential to manage your shop.
He also organizes advertising campaigns to increase the attendance of your stadium.

The director of the TV channel
Its role is to manage the various programs broadcast on your TV Channel such as interviews and matches. The more competent your director is, the more your channel will be watched and therefore your audience will increase.