Friendly Matches
You can schedule friendly matches against other teams.
To do this, go to the Organize a Friend screen, a list of match proposals appears.
You can also create a friendly match request and set the date, time and place.

Inter-Union Matches
For a presentation of the union, go to the Unions page of the manual. You can also play Inter-Union matches if you are part of an union.

League Games
They are scheduled on your calendar as soon as you participate in a championship. To do this, go to the championship screen.

Cup Matches
The last way to play games is to participate in a cup. They can be official (League Cups / Champions League) or created by managers or unions.

All games earn XPs for your players. The number of XP (experience points) earned in a match depends on the time played, the player's potential and his activity on the field...
They are used by players to train in individual training (See Training).

Income from your games
Ticketing revenues are donated to your club when you play a game.
Some teams may also receive TV rights.