The Tactics screen allows you to align your starting eleven for the next game, and make changes during the game.

Click on a holder, then a replacement (or vice versa) to make a change.

- Individual instructions: they allow you to give specific instructions to each of the players. They allow you to highlight the strengths of your players. For example, a lateral rear end gifted in overflows will be told to take its corridor.
- Collective instructions: they have the effect of insisting on certain areas of play. For example, take advantage of the weakness of an opponent's lateral back to attack on his side. Or press higher to increase your possession.

The off./def.
It allows the team to be informed whether to attack or defend. For example, if your team is led by a score, focus on attacking, as you must score at all costs to avoid losing. On the contrary, if you lead by a score, opt for a defensive solution to avoid being caught up.

Aggressiveness allows more pressure to be applied to the opposing team, which increases the team's possession of the ball.
However, you must be careful not to abuse your team's aggressiveness rate since the number of fouls is also increasing.

The individual/zone marking
- If a defender scores in a zone, his Defense level will mainly be taken into account when calculating his match score.
- An individual scoring, affects the match score of the scored attacker. The Marking level will then be mainly taken into account.
Warning: A defender's score in a match with an individual score may be lower than if he is scoring in the zone. The Tackles level will be useful with any type of marking

The captain
Choose a player with seniority in your club. His experience will benefit the team's players.