Once your players are acquired, you will have to train them. There are two types of training, collective training and individual training.

Collective training
You can do one group training session per day. If you forget to throw one, you can throw two the next day, at the cost of increased player fatigue. You can accumulate a maximum of 7 training sessions.

Experience points
Each player earns experience points (XP) during the matches. It should be noted that not all your players earn the same amount of XP, it depends on the quality of their match but especially on their potential.
Once on the training screen, click on the Train button to the right of the name of the player you want to train, you will then have a screen with the different training areas. If the training area appears in green, you can train it. However, be careful, a player who trains gets tired, so the player must be in good physical condition to train. There is a risk of injury during training if the player is in poor physical condition.