Go to the "Players" link. A list of players on your team is displayed there. Click on the name of one of them to display the card.

Get to know your players, because it is with them that you will live this adventure.

To change the position or the side of a player, click in the player's card on his station and a screen will appear to make the change.

The potential
This is an innate feature of the player, which will not vary.
This potential will determine the amount of points of characteristics that the player will earn during his career.

The level of your players
He is determined according to his different skills.
Of course the skills required to have a good level depend on the position occupied by the player.

The percentage of physics spent in a match depends on the player's stamina.
The lower the physics percentage of a player, the more likely he is to be injured.
A player gradually recovers his fitness after having made a match.

The best foot
The player's foot does not change when the latter changes position.
But the foot does not affect the game.

Players are linked to their club through a contract.
It fixes the salary during its duration, which is limited.
This is the amount that the club must pay to the player each week.

You can propose a new contract to any player on your team or any free player (without a club).
The offer will be studied, and if accepted, it automatically replaces the current contract.

Retraining players.
Whenever a player decides on his retirement, you have the possibility to convert him back into a staff at your club.
The proposed roles are: coach, junior recruiter, etc.