To build an infrastructure, go to the Constructions screen.

The stage
Enlarging your stadium does not prevent it from being used.
The attendance of the stadium depends on the team's results in the league and other matches.
Attendance may exceed the capacity of the stadium. In this case, you will be sold out and you will have to refuse people (an extension of the stadium is therefore strongly recommended).
The stadium also has facilities, you will need to build some to be able to add places in your stadium. As soon as they are purchased, they cannot be resold. Weekly finances will take into account the capacity of the equipment and not that of the stadium.

The Training Centre
It will allow you to train young players.
The level of your training centre will determine the potential of the players who leave it.

The shop
It allows your club to sell its derivatives.
Increasing the level of the shop allows you to increase your sales.
You also have the possibility to increase the stock.

The infirmary
It allows you to reduce the unavailability time of an injured player.
The number of uses of the infirmary depends on its level.

The TV Channel
It is possible to broadcast matches, your interviews and those of other coaches via a TV Channel.