How to play?
You have just created your team on Virtuafoot and you do not know how to start?
This manual is there to explain how to play.

If you have any question about it please contact one of the administrators of VF.

The Beginners Forum
Do not hesitate to ask the community for help. Many members will be happy to answer your questions.
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Messaging is an important part of Virtuafoot Manager.
Indeed, it is not only the tool intended to communicate with the other clubs but it is also there that you will receive the messages of the same game.
The topics of the official messages you will receive from VF are underlined.
The club's finances report arrives every weekend. This concerns transactions that are not settled during the game (sponsors, facility maintenance fees, player salaries, etc.).

On Virtuafoot, a club goes up in the levels thanks to the number of VF points that it accumulates and that by winning matches. This accumulation is done throughout the life of the club, all seasons.