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Hello english speaking community,

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Aymeric45 : Hello all

The Unions will evolve on Virtuafoot, on two aspects: the competition aspect and the community aspect.

The competition aspect
From the season 130, the union championship will take a new form. It will be composed of 5 divisions.
The first four of them will consist of 16 unions, and the last of these 5 divisions will be composed of all remaining unions. The number of promotions and claims will remain unchanged.

The so-called secondary unions affiliated with a so-called main union will only evolve in Division 2, if the latter changes in Division 1.
However, two agreements with a Major Division 1 Agreement may cohabit in Division 2.

The Inter-Selection game draws 2 points.

As this new league format is more compatible with a high number of unions, the creation of new unions will be facilitated. Their goal will no longer only be competition (see next aspect)

The community aspect
As I had announced at the time of their creation, the unions can be a meeting place for managers on the game. But they can also allow a group of friends or work colleagues to meet on Virtuafoot, either by participating or not in the more global competition. Thus, a number of internal functions have been added:

- Invitation function
It is now possible to share an invitation link with an ID to easily reach the union, to be shared on different social platforms. A new club arriving on the game can easily reach from a link by entering its ID in a field present on the Union module homepage.

- The friendly championship
A new module emerged in the Union : the friendly championship.
This is a simple informal championship between the clubs of the Union taking place each season, taking into account all the friendly games played between the clubs of the Union. The rules are thus freely fixed by the organizing members of the Union.
This championship does not offer any rewards on the part of the game, even if nothing forbids the responsibles of the Union to make the competition they want.

- Internal tournaments
It was already possible for the president to organize an internal cup by selecting the participants himself.
It will now be possible to create an open tournament for registrations, as for current cups. Only members of the agreement will be able to take part in this type of competitor. These cups will not be listed in the Cup module during the registration phase. However, it will be possible to share their relationship with managers outside the Union, but they will not be able to register.

- The internal futsal tournaments
In the same way as the internal tournaments, it is possible to have internal futsal tournaments organized by the organizers of the Union.
All of these internal tournaments are listed on the Union’s homepage. Thus, it will be easy for the organizers to make their creations known to the members of the union.

- The role of organizer
A new role has been defined in the team of union's leaders: the Organizer.
Named by the president, the organizer will be able to organize internal tournaments (with immediate launch or open registration), program friendly games as part of the friendly championship, send group messages, or pay awards for internal competitions and activities.

Good game to all


23 days ago
Like our union innovations.
I expected recruiters yet organisers will be fine too.
They need to limit higher ranks to join lower leagues to make win each game.
Let's think if this happens again and again. Newbies will be feeling they get boring in last divisions by high overall teams. So that means quit.

There must be double rank system. So average overalls can compete with others too.
You can reach 60 overalls fast but cannot reach 80s but you have to battle with them each day at lower divisions.
Overall rating based leagues much better.
Let's hope more equality with overalls but more tactical advancements in tactic rooms also live action button.
So sleepers may lose advantage also.
Keep up.