Blagoje Vidinic

6 Months ago
Hello everyone!

Here I am again to present to you this old and famous competition played with free agents : the Free Agent's World Cup!

The rules are here >> (in French, sorry...)

Basically, you have to choose a Nation and build a team from 11 to 23 players found on the free agent list.
Free agents are players with potential AND an overall rating strictly below 21.
Obviously, all players who will participate in the competition must be of the same nationality.

As you can see, I choosed Germany. Of course, I also have other players for my A Team but they'll can not be on the pitch for the Free agent's World Cup matches.

If you want to be part of it, you must register on the French forum (follow the above link) before January 12 !
Below, you will find the managers and nations already registered :

kevinho49 - STADE RENNAIS FC-=EvF=- - Lebanon
Pastore27 - Pastore FC - Finland
Kenzovinho - Lingon’s boys - H - - South Africa
OncleOink - Lokomotiv CCCP ☭ - Belarus
claudio5993 - LR¤BIG SHARK DADDY¤ - Cameroon
Aguado - LB - Wycombe Wanderers - - Spain
calou5 - BARCELONA RTG - Switzerland
Jason40 - Prodigieux /WW / _=EvF=_ - Vietnam
Aurelius - CD San Juan /WW - Puerto Rico
losgardos - ES LACSAP [LG] - Jamaica

For the registration, you will also need to show a screen image of your free agents with their best position and overall best rating, like this one :

At the start of the season, the list of free agents is updated and it is easier to find what you are looking for. Unfortunately, there is no filter to help the search. There is therefore only one way to do it: check the 150 to 200 pages of free agents one by one; it's part of the fun.

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact me!
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