Hi friends,
the other day I sold a player for 12.5M and agent took fees 4.1M. Isn't 20% for agent fees?



First, I've just checked you club's profile and didn't find the player you talked about.
Never mind, the agent fees are not always the same !

I'm not aware of all the new rules around the transfer fees. I need an update of my brain (lol), to get more details.

By the way, one important thing that count to calculate the agent fees is the time past in your club.
You can have 50% of agent fees, if the player didn't past an entire season (?, not sure maybe 7 days like in the past).
I know that there's difference between the selling mode chosen (list or auction). Specially when you don't sell the player, the cost are different. But when you sell it, I don't know or remember, if the agent fees are different.

Sorry for this very incomplete reply, i will share if I get more infos.


I see that he is not among the sold players, I don't know why. Moniakis AC 80 ranking.
thanks for the explanation bro


Ok this player :
Deleted player

I really don't understand what happened, maybe a bug, because there's no history registrered around this transaction.
Usually, it appears on the tab "transfers", on both club the buyer and the seller, here nothing.
And when you click on the value VF, usually there's the last tranfers of the players, nothing too.

How did you sell him, transfer list or auction ? or maybe the new functionnality, Loan + buy offer at the end of the loan ?
Just to have a clue on the bug, maybe we should aware an admin of your case.
If any doubt that your tax is over-price due to a bug, I advise you to take a screenshot of the message from the VFleague when you sold the player, or you financial summary ... anything that can help an admin.

Ok, after reading some french topics, I can confirm that when a player don't stay at least 49 days (=1season) in your club, you pay tax + agent fees, so 50% of the amount.


I sell him on transfer list.
no matter. I can't burden myself with that nonsense