Stats on Match Analysis Page

Danny Miles

2 Months ago
Hi. I understand the bottom half of the match analysis page (ball possession, expected goals, etc.), but above this is a set of paired numbers (with each pair including a / to separate the two numbers). I assume that these may relate in some way to stats for home and away teams, but I have no idea what the numbers actually represent. Can anyone please enlighten me? Many thanks in advance for any help.

Andre Malles

2 Months ago
I think it should be teams' strenght in certain areas. So, there are three "main" areas (defence, midfield, attack). Each of these is separated into three "sub-areas" (left, centre, right).
So, top left corner is home team's defence on the left side vs. away team's attack on the right side, bottom right is home team's attack on the right side vs. away team's defence on the left side, center is home team's midfield at centre vs. away team's midfield at centre, etc...


2 Months ago
Hello Danny Miles,

welcome to the game.

Ok, it's gonna bit long to explain.
I've made a little draw based on your last game.

Ok I will begin by the easy things:
As you can see you got global stats Defense - Middle - Attack for each team. It's the global stats.
You've got 1 graph for home team, 1 for away team,and 1 for the possession which is calculate with the middle's stat from both team.

Let's get a look at the pitch, there are 9 areas.
Defense - Middle and Attack, each one is divided in 3 : Middle, Left and Right.
So the stats on the pitch are Home vs Away but for each areas.
You can browse the evolution of stats by using the arrows on the top, around the time.
BUT, you can also click on each areas, and you will get the graph of this one.

Of course, the stats of both team change with different instructions used, and the replacements.
To conclude, when you get a goal opportunity, there's a letter (G), (C), (D).
Well there's a little bug, because G means Left (Gauche in french), C is the Center, D is Right (Droite in french).
So, you can analyze your actions by changing instructions now, and find the recipe to get some goal opportunities.

Edit : damned, I didn't the answer of Andre Malles.


2 Months ago
Hum another thing, on the match page, if you go on the team tab, you got the game marks of the players.
You can click on total (the numbers by default), but you can click on defense, middle, attack, and see in details the rating of each player.
You have to cross with individual instructions, but the player need to be trained well for each instruction.
It's better to watch and analyze other's club games to understand well.