Sherif Mohsen

Guys, what's the best way to develop young players, playing matches or the rating at the end of matches?


Hello Sherif Mosen,

First of all, the rating at the end of the match don't count for training. It only reflects the performance of your player during the match = the overall rating of your player (depends on his skill and the individual instruction) affected by his physical condition.

Now, on the player page, you can check a tab "Progression", here you can see the evolution of the rating of your player over the seasons (theorical one, and real one).
But you can see the margin of progression, when it's at 0%, the player won't really increase his skills.

The training module is composed of 2 things : collective sessions and individual ones.

For the collective training, all the players are trained (except if you choose the rest program).
If they still got a progression margin, their progression coefficient is over 0, and they will evolve; no matter if they play or not.
The progression (% earn by collective session), only depends of the progression coefficient and the skill/ level of your training advisor.
The progression coefficient is different during the margin progression of the player, it can change each season regard to the profile of each player.
You can click on the report of a collective training session, to see the effects.

For the individual training, as you can see, you spend XP points to train individually your player.
More a player play, more he gets XP points.
for younger player who still got margin progression, they earn more XP points.
So it's important to make them play as often as possible.

To conclude, you can go to players, then I think you already see the tab "progression".
Here, you see when a player get 1 point in a skill, it summarize the effect of both , collective and individual training.
On players, you got a tab called "matches". and then sub-tab :
- game marks, rating at the end of the match,
- playing time,
- tiredness,
- and Experience, here you can check the XP points earned by your players. Compare this with the playing time, and you got it ;)

I've tried to be as clear as possible.

Sherif Mohsen

Thanks for the useful and clear info bro


Your welcome.

Oh and I didn't talk of the progression status on the player's progression tab.
It's important to understand, to know if a player is "in late" in his progression.
So we got the potential, which is fixed.
The progression coefficient which change each season during the progression phase.
The progress status, it's the theorical rating, it starts from 0 and end at the number of the potential. It's rating that a player would get if he's not in late.
And the margin of progression, it starts from 100% and ends at 0. We can say it's the difference between the progress status (theorical rating) and the potential.

Sherif Mohsen

Thanks again bro