Two matches at the same time

George Roth

18 days ago
Hi, I have a cup match scheduled for 20:00 and a league game scheduled for 20:15, both of them tomorrow.

Can my team play two matches at the same time? What is going to happen?


17 days ago
I never experienced such things before and have not see someone to do as well am sure it was a glitch it can be fix.

George Roth

17 days ago
Well, we will see I guess... I will keep you updated on what happens.

Ouma manases

15 days ago
It happened to me this season. I played a friendly match at around 4pm and then a league match at around 10pm. I don't know why it happens like that

George Roth

13 days ago
For me the cup match ended up moving to next day, where I had a morning friendly already. However being a morning friendly, it didn't interfere with the evening cup match. Happy days!