Il y a 8 mois
shouldn’t the number of inter-union matches be increased from 10 to for example 15 when the season is increased to 56 days


Il y a 8 mois

It didn't change since decades : 100 Inter-Unions and 7 Inter-Selection, per Union.
And max 10 Inter-Unions per member, I mean per club, to make a maximum members to participate.

The season last one more week now, because federations (nations) were created.
Many managers complains that they lost their best players, when they get invoked by the federations, and that their competitivity is affected by the federations. .. during Inter-Unions games.
This week added is supposed to give more flexibility to the calendar.
So, I don't think add more Inter-Unions is something planified by the webmaster.

Oh, and I remember in the past, the season last 42 days.
A more week was added, when the Champion's League (& VF challenge league) were created.
And yes, if you wonder Unions were created before.