Il y a 9 mois
Hello english speaking community,

I have made a topic in the section "Improvement Project" on the french side of the VForum.

The project is to have the biography of each player.
In fact, I think it should be easy for the webmaster to implement this to all versions of the game, because biography already exists when you play in french.

I will show you some examples :

Usually, it' said : he comes from the youth academy of ABC Club
His position, his best season, his worst (when he play very few games) ... etc ...

It's kinda a "decoration".
But not only :

When a player got less than 1 season of seniority in his club, the amount of the transfer appears too.

I want to remind you that when a player is transfered with less than 1 season of seniority, you will pay many many taxes.

But this information directly avalaible on the player's page can be useful for managers to negociate.
(actually, if you want to know the price paid by a club, you have to go on the club's page > tab transfer and search the name of the player.)

So, this topic (on the french Vfo) NEEDS YOUR VOTE to gives it the visibility it deserves with the hope that the webmaster will implement this functionality for all the versions of the game VF.

=> Follow this link and vote for the 1st topic

Actually, we got 20 likes / votes, there's a ranking for the improvment, we need at least 50 likes to get rank 15, and around 100 to get #1.


Il y a 9 mois
Done 👍 Good work! Respect from 🇹🇷


Il y a 9 mois