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I gonna translate this topic made by the Master of the Game :
Aymeric45 : Hello everyone,

After some feedback from managers, some changes will be applied to the game soon. Other changes may come in addition to these, the time to take into account all feedbacks.

Facilities : The Youth Academy Level 1 will be available to all clubs.
In return, the price of construction will be increased to counterbalance the popularity of this infrastructure compared to others.

Union : Taxes on donations to level 1 clubs will be abolished.
They will be 5% for level 2 clubs, 10% for level 3 clubs, 15% for level 4 clubs, and 20% for level 5 and above clubs.

Matches : In order to discourage untimely changes of tactics in matches, an increase of the tactical adaptation handicap will be implemented.

Transfers : In order to try to lower the selling price of players, which still seems to be out of line with the economy, the fees for failed sales will be increased.
No impact is expected for sales that do take place.

In the medium term, I will consider having less homogeneous player progression profiles.

Also, I hear that the revenue from the Shop is considered low. What changes do you think should be made to the economy to make this same income seem less so compared to others?

Codedly Endowed

Il y a 8 mois
I feel the youth academy price shouldn't change. It is already expensive enough to upgrade this.
Increasing the price would just make this as outrageous as stadium seats (which I still believe you need to look into and reduce).
Increase the price for youth academy and failed player sales would actually cripple young teams and make them less interested in the game.
I'm my own opinion, the prices for player sales is still much better than it used to be and you know that. Each manager just needs to learn to negotiate better. There are times of the season when players are much cheaper btwn.

A bettter change would be to go back to the days where the game generates the value of a player but in much more reasonable way which considers player age, potential, current rating, current contract and number of matches he's played for his current club, key player statistics (goals and assists for now) as these are key factors in concluding how much a player really worths in the real world.

We need more innovative ideas too. The games isn't as fun as it used to be.


Il y a 8 mois
@Codedly Endowed
I have relay your opinion on the other side of the Vfo. (french one)