Jon Berry

Il y a 9 mois
I have a question, let's say you get a good youth player, potential 75+ by holding an under 17 competition and you want to keep. Is it better to leave them in the youth team until they are 23 or is it better to promote to senior team and train them and play them in games for experience,. I look at other teams and some are keeping in the youth team till they are 23. Thanks for your help in advance


Il y a 9 mois
Any idea?

Andre Malles

Il y a 9 mois
Later you promote them, they have a better overall stats, but you'll have less time for "custom development" (if you want defenders with high passing or fullbacks with relatively high attacking stat).
I always try to promote players while they are young because I have a specific tactic and I train my players to be well suited for it, but it usually means they have much less overall rating than their potential.
If you want players with high overall rating (close to their potential), then it is probably best to keep them until they are 22-23, but if you want to "manipulate" (tailor) their stats, then try to promote them early (not older than 19-20).

Jon Berry

Il y a 9 mois
Thanks very useful!


Il y a 9 mois

Sorry for the late reply :/
Again, nice answer from Andre Malles ;)

I will add some details.

1- the maximum age, you can promote a junior is 24 years old. (after 24yo, if they're not promoted, they disappeared from the youth academy)
When they get promoted at 24 years old, they are totally formed (0% margin progression).
And usually, their overall rating are equal at their potential.
But they have an endurance between 12 and 15, and this can be considered a bit weak for some managers, or for some position (example : lateral defender).
By the way, it's the solution chosen by managers that aren't good trainers, or don't have enough time, or that are scared to miss the formation of the player, and don't want to risk that overall rating is really inferior to potential.
I will say that is also a good solution, if you find the junior when he is "old".

Because, earlier you promote your junior, and bigger is the margin of progression.

2- the minimum age to promote a junior is 17 years old.
In this case, the overall rating is low (around 10) but the margin progression is at his maximum (90/95%).
It's the optimum age to promote a junior, if you want to train.
The best trainers of the game are able to train young players to let them have an overall rating superior to their potential.
At the beginning of the season, promote a 17 year old junior is the strategy chosen by those managers.
If you are curious, you can browse the transfer market during the first 2 days of the season, and you will see that a 17 years old player with high potential is really expensive; for this reason.
But, train really well a player is "an art", he have to play a maximum of matches during the season (around the 2/3), to maximize the XP points he gained and use them in individual training.
Usually, they start to train, only endurance to a certain goal, and then others characteristics.
But, even for the best trainers, it can be risky : there're suspension and injuries that can screw their plans.
And it' a long time work, from 17 years old to 24, it's 7 seasons of progression, so 392 days actually.

3 - Like Andre said, you can promote them with a little margin progression too (around 22 or 23 years old).
They have a "playable" overall rating.
Then you just have to finished their formation.
And it can be useful, if you want to over-trained them in a characteristic in line with a style of play.