Muhammad Arsyad

Am on level 1 with 12points and a TV right of 10000. I don't have a TV channel but am seeing things of this nature for example
8 hours ago canaldogs +1254 10k what does it mean??? I will be deducted that amount or what?? Smbdy help


Hello Tasy,

Each game you play at home (in your stadium), you can sell your TV rights.
The TV channel of others players in the game buy some TV rights to increase their audience.

Explanations on your example :
canaldog is the TV channel that bought the TV rights from one of your game. The TV channel earn +1254 audience; and pay you 10k.

On the management tab of the stadium; you got an estimator to put a good price for your rights.
You can check that you earn money when you sell TV rights on your financial summary : link[url].

Ok now, more details on how it works :
Each victory will increase the numbers of supporters (some events can help too).
This number of supporters generate a TV audience for TV channel. With TV rights, you sell this audience.
(audience is spectators for the TV channel)

I hope it's more clear now.

Ouma manases

How does the the team buying the TV rights benefit?

Claudio Toledo



How does the team buying TV rights earn money?
Why would I develop a TV channel?